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Bodyboard Stringer: What It Is and How They Became Popular

Bodyboarding is a really fun wave riding sport, and people fantasize about it since it is the easiest way to get into the waves. Suppose you are really passionate about this sport or you seriously want to get into bodyboarding. In that case, a bodyboard stringer is one of the essential elements that you should know about. So, what is a stringer on a bodyboard?

A bodyboard stringer is a tube or rod made from carbon fiber or glass fiber, and it is located in the middle of the board. Bodyboard makers developed stringer as a core part of its construction to keep the board intact and reduce deformation under major pressure. It works as the spinal cord of the board.

With the advent of the stringer system, you can practice bodyboarding in any condition of the ocean. But if you are still confused about how to use a bodyboard stringer and what its function is? No worries!

Let us assure you that we will clear all your queries about bodyboard stringer through this article. Without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

Why is Bodyboard Stringer So Popular?

Since its inception, the bodyboard has evolved in many ways to make it easier and sturdier to handle restless waves.

Due to this reason, it got popular among surfers and bodyboarders culminating in the addition of stringers to the bodyboard surface making it so much better and more durable with time.

You might be wondering how one rod changed the whole game of bodyboarding and how it made this sport so popular. Well, here is why:

  • Interchangeability of stringer allows you to adjust the board in different wave conditions
  • It makes your board more durable and flexible
  • It makes your bodyboard stronger
  • It makes the board long-lasting
  • You can change your stringer according to the water temperature
  • Stringer helps to bring back the original shape of the board
  • It protects your body-boards in critical situations like shore breaks or closeout waves
  • Stringer also plays a role in your body-board speed and gear work

There is a rule in bodyboard making, which is, that the more stringers there are, the more durable the bodyboard will be. So you know now why body board stringers are so popular.

Bodyboard Stringer Setups

There are many brands out there that make bodyboards, and they have different ways to set up the stringers inside the core of the bodyboards. Let’s have a look at some of these setups:

  1. Single-Stringer Bodyboard Setup

One of the most classical and simplistic setups is the single-stringer setup. This setup has one single pliable stringer inside and down of the bodyboard.

Single-Stringer setups have comparably more durability than the bodyboards that have no stringers. It goes from the tail to the ¾ of the bodyboard.

A single stringer allows for stiffening of the board in the middle without being too stiff under the elbows. And this helps you to control the bodyboard.

  • Double-Stringer Bodyboard Setup

Secondly, there is a double-stringer setup designed in such a way that one stringer is set slightly in the left corner of the bodyboard, and the other one is slightly set to the right corner.

The double-stringer setup has even more durability than the single-stringer setup. It is recommended to use it when you are going to surf in warm water.

Though, a double-stringer board is hard to control. But it is stiff and fast. So the experts prefer to ride double-stringer bodyboards.

3. Triple-Stringer Bodyboard Setup

Last but not least, the triple-stringer setup is a combo of three-stringers. In this setup, one central stringer is equal to the size of a single-stringer, and that is combined with two half-lateral stringers on both sides of the board.

This setup is the most durable stringer bodyboard setup. It allows keeping some flex under the elbows while making the whole board pretty stiff and longer-lasting.

The triple stringer setup is slightly heavier than the other two stringer setups.

Now you know about what a single stringer bodyboard is, what is a double stringer bodyboard and what a triple-stringer bodyboard. So, you can easily pick your board according to your requirements.

Best Bodyboard Stringers Types

There are so many people who love bodyboarding, and each of them has their way of doing it.

So, we can categorize all the bodyboarders into mainly three categories:

For the Beginners

You are under this newbie category if you are just about to start your bodyboarding journey. In this case, I will advise you to start with small boards.

However, single-stringer setups are the best types of bodyboards for beginners, as you will not be comfortable starting with a board that is too advanced.

So a mid-level or an entry-level Morey will be perfect to start your bodyboard learning.

For the Hobbyists

If you are fond of bodyboarding and practicing it regularly but not ready to consider yourself a professional, you can put yourself under this category.

The double-stringer setups are the best for hobby borders. This setup will provide you with more durability than the singular one.

A mid-range bodyboard with two stringer setup will fulfill all your boarding demands in case you don’t want to buy a pro-bodyboard.

However, suppose you are pretty much confident that you are going to continue bodyboarding in the future and might even be interested in becoming a pro.

In that case, you should go for triple-stringer setups. This ultimately depends on your future plans and budget.

For the Professionals

If you are pretty pro at bodyboarding and are out there to do it daily, you should go for a triple-stringer setup or an ISS bodyboard.

There are some factors that you should keep in mind while choosing these types of bodyboards. It depends on your budget, skills, and the temperature of the water in your area.

If the temperature is average or warm, then a triple-stringer setup is good to go with. And also, this setup is the most popular setup for pro bodyboarders.

ISS Stringer Type

The ISS or Interchangeable Stringer System is the most recently invented stringer that hugely impacts the whole concept of bodyboarding and changes its value.

Usually, you have to manually put the stringers into the bodyboard surface. But ISS has made this process easier. It provides a tube that you can insert into any type of board.

This stringer is the most demandable stringer type as you can change its stringers according to the weather.

The ISS stringer boards are also my favorite types as I can prepare for any sort of water temperature or wave type I want, just by changing the stringer tube.

For warmer and stiffer waves I can just take a stiff stringer. And for large waves, I can just swap it out for a soft stringer. It’s that easy.

If you are looking to buy an ISS stringer board, then I’d recommend that you also buy a soft stringer and a medium stringer as well if your budget allows it.

The soft and medium stringers are great for breaking in your board. Also, I don’t recommend you use anything stiffer than your base stringer which is the stringer that comes with the board.


In the earlier days of bodyboarding, you had to switch bodyboards whenever the wave conditions changed.

Luckily, bodyboarding equipment evolved, and now, with bodyboard stringers, you can ride the same board all year round in any kind of weather condition.

Thanks for tuning in and I hope this article was informative enough to educate you on the importance and function of bodyboard stringers.