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  • Woman in full kayaking gear with a helmeet getting ready to ride the river waves

    Ultimate 101 Beginners Guide to Kayaking Basics

    Kayaking is a thrilling activity. Because of its shape and skill ceiling, it’s different and more fun than conventional boating. The very same factors can make kayaking difficult for beginners due to the steep learning curve. Knowing how to kayak entails a variety of skills, such as choosing the right kayak, understanding different pedal types […] More

  • Man in a orange and black kayak riding on pretty calm water

    Kayaks: Choosing Between the Vast Types Available

    A quick search for kayaks will give you quite a lot of options. It is quite honestly, informational overload for someone who has just taken an interest in kayaking. The sheer number of options can be daunting. But, don’t worry. This guide will be all about what are the different types of kayaks. There are […] More

  • what kind of kayak for ocean

    Ocean Kayaking: How To Choose A Kayak for Open Water

    A kayak allows you to get to scenic beachside campsites, quietly discover an estuary, enjoy breathtaking views that aren’t visible from the shore, go into a morning workout all around the lake, or play in the water with the children. Do you feel prepared to leave the calm waters behind and try something new? Or […] More

  • what is the difference between a kayak and a canoe

    Kayak Vs Canoe: What Is the Difference Between Each

    Canoes and kayaks have a similar appearance; they are both different kinds of boats that use a paddle, but they still have some differences. Have you been awake all night wondering about the differences between a kayak and a canoe? Don’t bother because this article covers everything you want to know about this subject. It’s […] More

  • does kayaking build muscle

    Kayaking for Fitness: Can Kayaks Help Build Muscle

    Are you ever looking for a way to have fun and get fit simultaneously? Then you have to consider Kayaking. Kayaking is an excellent way to break up the boredom of the gym, get your blood pumping, and build all of your major muscle groups. It also helps stimulate the mind and gets you outside […] More

  • Choosing the Right Size Paddle for Your Kayak Adventures

    Choosing the right paddle for your kayak is as important as choosing your kayak. Get every other stuff concerning kayaking and set out for the activity. But if you forget your paddle, you aren’t ever going to enjoy it, and what might have been a day planned for relaxation might be a day full of […] More

  • Kayak Clothing: What to Wear When You Go Exploring

    Kayaking is a great outdoor activity where you can have an amazing experience. Like any other activity, the experience can sour if rules are not followed. Everyone who has heard of kayaking and the entertainment it brings will want to explore the activity. But that depends first of all on whether you are a water […] More

  • what size kayak do i need for my weight

    Kayak Sizing: How to Choose the Right Kayak For Your Body

    There might not be a direct answer to the question. How do we answer this question when we don’t even know your size? You already feel like you are on the wrong site; no, you are not. We don’t know your size but trust us; we can handle this question satisfactorily. As mentioned in the […] More

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