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  • Woman snorkeling diving down into the water to reach the sand below

    Defogging: Why Snorkel Defogging Is Important To Safety

    Snorkeling is a popular water activity that people of all ages can enjoy. However, if you don’t take the time to properly defog your snorkel mask, you’re likely to have a less-than-enjoyable experience. In this article, we’ll explore why it’s so important to defog your mask and provide some tips on how to do it […] More

  • Woman in a full face snorkel paddling to look for new sights

    Dangers of Diving With a Full Face Snorkel Mask

    A mask is one of the most vital pieces of equipment for individuals interested in snorkeling and/or diving (free, scuba, etc.). Amongst the countless mask options available lies one that has become quite controversial due to its perceived safety concerns. While studies have shown that snorkeling-related injuries and deaths are more closely correlated to pre-existing […] More

  • what snorkeling gear do i need

    Snorkeling Gear 101: What Equipment Is Needed Explore

    Snorkeling can be one of the most exhilarating activities you can get into. If you are a beginner, then having the right gear is pretty important. With it, you will ensure that you are well prepared and that it all goes smoothly. So, if you are wondering, what snorkeling gear do I need to enjoy […] More

  • Snorkeling with Facial Hair: The Sealing Issues This Creates

    Snorkeling is a sport that most people (especially water lovers) cherish to do. Some people with bearded faces wonder if the snorkel can fit over their faces without a problem. They don’t even know that the problem is not always just the beard but also can be the mustache. If you have bears without a […] More

  • Snorkeling Underwater: How Long Can You Stay Submerged?

    Many people have assumed the sport of snorkeling to be simple. Just put on your snorkel and dive, and that’s all; they imagine. But to be less harsh, it is fairly less than that. You might have seen this only in pictures and drawn your conclusion. First and foremost, the sport requires some basic training […] More

  • Snorkeling Without Fins: Why Fins Can Be Overrated But Needed

    The sport of snorkeling is growing and gaining ground. As many new people discover the sport and wish to venture into it, they ask many questions that require attention. Some of the questions we find on other websites and quora are asked even by experienced snorkelers. Some questions are asked for safety reasons, and some […] More

  • Dry Snorkel: Does it Allow You to Breathe Underwater?

    The thought to swim among fish and corals in clean water is what many people want to achieve in their lifetime. Snorkel arguably or unarguably is the sport that will make this dream come true. Experienced snorkelers have a dream that has advanced past that of just snorkeling. What they want to achieve is staying […] More

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    Snorkeling with Bad Eyesight: Do Glasses or Contacts Have Issues?

    You probably have seen footballers, athletes, and musicians playing, running, and singing, respectively, with glasses on. Technological advancements come up now and then to have everyone fit into all works of life. Other sports come up specifically for people with a certain type of disability. However, some existing sports, including snorkeling, have been modified to […] More

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