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Two Piece Vs Bikini: What Are Differences For Water Use

When it comes to bathing suits, we have seen numerous changes over the years. From full-length one-pieces to more modern bikinis, there is now a wide range of choices for women.

But are they all compatible for proper water use? What is the difference between a two-piece and a bikini?

When the debate arises regarding water use, a two-piece is always a better pick than a skimpy bikini. You might be able to get into the water to move around a bit, but it is not ideal for swimming as you will mostly find yourself pulling the bikini in place every time you get out of the water. In contrast, a two-piece is more comfortable when it comes to swimming.

Many would assume that a two-piece and a bikini are the same things, with the latter being more scandalous and dubbed as ‘not safe for work.’

While the assumption is somewhat true, there are several ways in which these two items of clothing differ. Keep reading to find out more!

Ladies in two piece swimwear on the beach and a comparison image of a lady on the beach in a bikini

Revolution Of Women’s Swimwear

Women’s swimwear had come a long way since the days when women were not even allowed to be on the same side of the beach as men, and modesty was taken very seriously.

Their swimsuits used to be measured by the morality police to ensure they were adhering to the rules. All of these seem ridiculous by today’s standards, but that was the law back then.

But times have changed, and now women are more included in the public domain, and their presence has increased significantly. And so has their swimwear.

Women’s swimwear has seen major and marvelous changes, from one-piece bathing suits to Victoria’s Secret Bikinis.

Two-Piece Vs Bikini: What’s The Difference?

The main difference between a two-piece and a bikini is the transience and brevity.

A bikini, with its bra top and panties which fall below the navel, can also be termed a two-piece, but a two-piece does not necessarily always have to be a bikini. 

Given the shape and size of the bikini, it is not the most ideal for proper swimming. Thus, it can also be termed as not being a good fit for water use.

Even though the bikini took a social leap forward and stomped on the conservatives trying to police women’s clothing, it is not the most functioning piece of clothing.

Are you shooting for Sports Illustrated images for Instagram? A fun time at the beach with friends? Then a bikini would be simply fine.

But if you are planning to spend most of your time in the water and go for actual swimming, then a two-piece with more coverage will be a better pick any day.

Two-Piece Vs Bikini: When It Comes To Swimming Laps

A bikini will never get the job done when it comes to proper water use or training and swimming laps.

You cannot simply throw on your bikini top and bottom and decide to go swimming for an upcoming competition.

And competitions aside, a bikini should not be worn during training. Not even if you are learning to swim for the first time. 

Now many would assume that one-piece swimwear will be perfect for such occasions. But when it comes to the outdoors, two-piece swimwear is extremely important. Not only does it provide more skin exposure to sunlight, but it is also more comfortable to wear.

Wearing a bikini, in this case, will not be wise as insufficient coverage will be maintained while you are active and swimming.

There have been many cases where they have come off during vigorous swimming. Thus, bikinis do not particularly exist for swimming. They make a great fashion statement and are mostly to look good in.

The key difference you will notice in a two-piece swimwear compared to a bikini is as follows.


Now you will find these at the bottom. These drawstrings are essential for swimmers as it helps to keep the pants more secure once you start swimming.

It might not be necessary if you are going at a slow pace, but swimmers need to test their agility when it comes to training. In such cases, they must check their speed and swim as fast as possible.

Now in such a scenario, you will have to dive or push off while sprinting. In this case, the drawstrings are a crucial part of your two-piece.


A normal piece of the bikini top will not be hydrodynamic as the fabric will catch the water once it touches it.

But a proper two-piece top is designed to let the water flow by while you are swimming. 

Two-piece Vs Bikini: While Tanning

A bikini exposes more skin than a proper two-piece swimwear. As a result, the bikini is great for tanning at the beach. 

As it has already gained a reputation for attracting attention, the bikini is a bit uncomfortable for proper swimming, but it is great when you just want to lay in the sun and tan all day.

The Arrival Of The Tankini

Now a bikini and a tankini are both examples of two-piece swimwear. But as we all know, a bikini top stops just below the chest and provides way more coverage than the average swimwear meant for swimming. 

That is when the tankini comes into play. A tankini’s top is unlike a bikini which is moreover in the shape of a bra than a proper top.

But the tankini’s top resembles a tank top with extended coverage. Comparing the two, a tankini comes in with more coverage and comfort.

So, which one is ideal for water use? If you are at the beach to enjoy the water and be active, the two-piece tankini is where you put your money.

Make sure it has a tighter fit to decrease the level of dragging that you will face underwater. 

Two-Piece Vs Bikini: For Water Use

Coming back to the initial statement, a bikini will never be ideal for strenuous swimming. A bikini is great for that occasion if you are with a bunch of friends and family and having fun at the local pool or a beach.

But a bikini might not be the ideal option if you go swimming and intend to stay in the water for a while.

While swimming, the force of the water drags on the swimsuit. And given the skimpiness and the overall design of the bikini, you will end up pulling the whole thing in place during your swim. 

But with a proper two-piece, you will not continuously have to dread your swimwear coming off.

Therefore, you will never see Olympic swimmers in bikinis while they compete they are just not ideal for water use, nor is it safe for strenuous training.

But all in all, the bikini has many benefits, just not for swimming.

Final Thoughts on The Differences Between a Two-Piece and a Bikini

Now that we have made it to the end of the article, I hope you know the difference between a two-piece and a bikini. Many would consider both to be interchangeable, but that is not always the case. 

And when it comes to water use and functionality, the bikini takes a back seat. That is all for this article. I hope it helped. Have a great day ahead!