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Towing a Jet Ski (What Size Hitch Ball Is Needed)

Jet skis let you explore a new horizon. Jetting your way through the water at high speeds can be a matter of great pleasure. The waves, the splashes, the dives- can bring out the wildness from inside of you. But, to enjoy such jubilation, you need to know how you can tow it to your desired location, and when towing most new owner wonder, what size hitch ball for jet ski trailer?

For towing a jet ski, you need to have a hitch ball that matches the trailer, on which the jet ski will be carried. Depending on the type of trailer, there are two sizes of hitch ball available on the market. One has 2 inches diameter while the other has 1 â…ž inches diameter. Before getting the hitch ball, you should check the trailer type closely.

In this article I will talk in detail about everything you need to know about towing a jet ski to your desired location. So, keep on reading to get the full idea on how you can do it. 

What Size Ball for Jet Ski Trailer Do You Need? 

The size of the hitch ball for towing a jet ski depends on the watercraft trailer. Generally, there are two sizes of hitch balls available on the market. The first one has a 2-inch diameter and the other one has 1 â…ž inch diameter. 

If the hitch ball is not compatible with the trailer of the jet ski, you will not be able to tow your water bike. That is why it is very important to avail a hitch ball of the appropriate size before you can start to tow the jet ski.

Things You Should Know Before Towing a Jet Ski

There are certain prerequisites for successfully towing a jet ski. You must have solid preparation before starting the process. Otherwise, accidents may happen. So please cautiously consider the following checklist.

The Capacity of the Car

Not all available cars can tow a heavy beast like a jet ski. Before starting the preparation, you must carefully check if your car is made for towing the watercraft. 

Normally, you can see the towing capacity of a car right under the trunk of a car. If it is not available there, look for the manufacturer’s instructions on the internet. Remember, payload and towing capacity are two different features of a car. 

Installation of Tow Hitch

The whole operation of towing a jet ski depends a lot on the successful installation of the tow hitch. The main issue is the diameter of the hitch ball. If it does not fit the tow hitch you cannot start the towing.

Because a poor installation of a tow hitch with a wrong-sized tow ball is a sure cause of an accident. It may become a legal issue for you if someone else gets hurt by the accident in the way.

Check the Jet Ski Lights

While towing the jet ski the rear electric lights should give traffic indications for the vehicles behind. Otherwise, it will become a risky journey. 

Besides, you can be sued for not giving signals before a turn or brake. So, before starting to two a jet ski, you must connect the trailer light wiring with your car and check if you can use the real electric lights from your car.

Check the Travel Straps

The weight of the jet ski will be balanced by the travel straps that you will use to tie it up. So, you must carefully check the condition of the travel straps.

If the travel straps look faulty or not strong enough, you have to buy new straps for ensuring the safety of the jet ski and people in the street. 

Check the Tires

I know it is a common practice. But forgetting simple common practices is a more common reason for accidents.

Check the pressure of the tires of your car. You need to check the tires properly to prevent tire wear and possible tire failures. 

Check the Battery of the Jet Ski

You will be surprised to know how many people come to know that their jet ski’s battery has died after they get it into the water. 

You must check the battery of the jet ski before loading it onto the trailer. Start the engine of the watercraft to make sure it is charged up. You should also check on the charge level of the vehicle.

Practice Towing Beforehand

As a part of the preparation, you should practice towing the jet ski before starting the towing process. It may seem simple, but the reality is the opposite. Parking the trailer in a straight position at the bay can be very hard to accomplish. 

Making turns, driving in back-gear, parking, and braking the car is very different and difficult while towing a jet ski. You should practice it in your neighborhood very meticulously. While making turns, you have to make extra room for the trailer. Before braking the car, practice to keep a distance with the trailer. 

Get the Gears

Do not forget to take the appropriate gears, which you will need to drive the jet ski into the water. You cannot forget to take the life jacket. Or else the authority of the bay may not let you get down in the water.

Apart from life jackets, you will also need sunglasses, waterproof shoes, sweatshirts, and shorts to make your jet ski adventure a complete one. 

How to Tow a Jet Ski Properly?

Here I have prepared a step-by-step guide to tow a jet ski. I believe you cannot face any problem if you follow these steps precisely.

  • Install the Hitch: The first step of ensuring a safe towing of a jet ski is to install the hitch properly by securely fixing it on the tow ball of the trailer. After closing the latch, you should lock it with a padlock for added safety. Ensure that the safety chains are secured.
  • Tie Up the Travel Straps:Carefully tie down the jet sky with the travel straps at its rear area. 
  • Drive Carefully:You need to be extra careful while driving your car while it is towing the jet sky. Never forget the added weight behind the car. Take turns after securing enough space. Slow down before making a brake, keeping a distance from the jet ski trailer. Try to avoid high-traffic roads.
  • Get to the Launching Area:After reaching your destination, position your car in a perpendicular direction from the water. Slowly drive-in back gear to get the rear of the jet ski to the launching area. Keep the trailer in a straight position. Drive-in back-gear till the body of the jet ski floats in the water.
  • Release the Jet Ski:Slowly release the pressure of the hitch and the jet ski straps simultaneously. It will get the jet ski into the water slowly. 
  • Park the Trailer:To make way for other jet skis to get into the water, you need to park your empty trailer in a designated area. After having fun with the jet ski, follow the steps again to tow it back to your home safely.

Final Thoughts on Hitch Ball Size for Jet Ski Towing

Now you know what size hitch ball for jet ski trailer isneeded and how to actually do it. Remember, if you dare to be any less careful in any part of the procedure, you can potentially damage your ski or even harm yourself and your family. So, my suggestion for you would be to be as cautious as possible. 

Remember that fun becomes complete when you have it with care. Thanks for reading and see you next time.