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Skimboards: Board Lifespans and 5 Tips To Last Longer

Water sports are a great way to have fun at the beach. Skimming is excellent as long as you have a properly functioning and pleasing skimboard.

But if it is on the verge of expiring, it may show you signs to let you know that it won’t be fit for use any longer. So, how long do skimboards last?

Not everyone uses their skimboards in the same way. And if you are not a beach lover, perhaps, you use it once or twice in a while. However, any regular skimboard can serve you over 200 rides if you measure in rides. 

If you want to make your skimboard last longer, there are some guidelines for the maintenance and care of a skimboard.

Moreover, you need to know when to buy a new skimboard and what to do with a damaged one.

So, to have a little more fun at the beach, read the entire article until the end and learn all about skimboards!

Using skimboards for sun protection on the beach

How Long Does A Skimboard Last?

To be fair, the answer to this depends on many factors. If you don’t live near the sea, chances are you rarely skim. A regular user can use a skimboard for over 200 rides. But if you are a hard-core skimmer, your board will expire before this time.

Suppose you go skimming every other day each week. That would be around 12 times a month and over a hundred times a year! Your board may last for about two years in this near everyday use.

But if you are a hard-core user, it may not even last a year. Of course, it depends significantly on how much wear and tear your skimboard has to go through.

So, let’s see what factors decide how long your skimboard will last.

Don’t Use It Rough

If you are a sports athlete, your body must endure lots of damage and stress all day. Yes, there are athletic range skimboards.

But these athletic skimboards are expensive and unsuitable for you if you are just an average skimmer. 

Even so, the skimboard has to endure friction, thumping, weight, landing on rough surfaces, encounters with stones and rocks, etc.

All these things reduce the lifespan of a skimboard with time. If you don’t use it roughly, chances are you can save it for longer.

Fiberboards are much better than wooden boards in terms of longevity.

Taking Proper Care

You know, skimboards are not so different from surfboards. They need the minimum amount of care that any water sports equipment deserves.

They need the minimum amount of care that any piece of water sports equipment deserves.

If you do not handle your skimboard well and lay it here and there, you may not even get a hundred rides!

A board that has not been adequately cared for is not hard to identify. Just a look at the board speaks a lot about it.

A well-maintained board can serve you longer than you know. 

Reduce Exposure To Extreme Heat

This is one of the main damaging factors. If you live in areas where the sunlight is very intense and robust, your skimboard is in danger. 

But that doesn’t mean you should stop skimming. You can take protective measures to save your board. There will be a detailed review of this context later on.

Skimboard Maintenance

It is not hard to maintain a skimboard well. There are a few basic things that every person who loves a little beach time should know. These are the same things you do to maintain your surfing board.

If you maintain the skimboard correctly, you can use it for over 300 rides! So, let’s learn how to care for a skimboard and keep it well.

Resting The Board Properly 

Perhaps, you need to take a short break before going to skim. When you do so, let the board rest.

Many skimmers do not know that you are not supposed to let the skimboard rest on the ground. It needs to be placed vertically.

So, keep it straight against some non-damaging surface, and its nose should face upward. The tail of your skimboard needs to stay in contact with the ground.

Of course, please keep it in some shady place away from the sun.

Keeping The Board Clean 

The cleanliness of your skimboard is a vital part of its care.

Here, the first step is to remove the wax.

  • You can buy wax remover sprays from the shops if you want to.
  • Then, please keep it on the ground flat.
  • Use a plastic comb or a wax scraper to scrape the remaining wax.
  • After that, use soap or detergent to wash it and clean it well, using soft clothing. 

Also, you can first wash it off and then use the wax remover spray. Repeat these steps until your board is clean.

Many use alcohol over the skimboard to quicken the drying process and wipe it off. It is not a bad practice.

Of course, as a final touch-up, apply your new layer of wax and attach your traction pads. A clean board will go a long way!

Store The Board Correctly

Perhaps you are traveling somewhere and need to take your skimboard with you. Now, the best thing would be to invest in a cover bag.

You can buy these online. But if you do not have a cover bag, there are a few things to do. 

You may cover the sides of the skimboard with bubble wrap or enclose it in a towel. You could also protect it by putting foam at the edges.

Most importantly, never put heavy objects on your skimboard. It may break or develop unwanted dents. 

Keep The Board In Cool Places

Intense heat and sunlight are bad for your skimboard. The white skirt boards do not show any signs of damage from heat.

But if you have a black or any dark-colored skimboard, the damage can be seen well. 

Also, intense sunlight can ruin the material of your board. So, try to store it in a cool and dry place.

Also, when going on trips, if your car gets too hot, do not leave the skimboard inside. It can harm your skimboard. 

Paint Your Board

Some paint their boards to give them a nice and cool-looking appearance.

However, painting can be protective for your skimboard, just like applying a layer of wax at the bottom of it. Generally, wooden boards stay in good shape if painted.

However, make sure the paint is waterproof. It will help to make it last longer. For wooden boards, you may use spray paint or simply airbrush them.

But spray paint is not a good choice for foam boards. It will melt the foam.

When To Replace A Skimboard?

Of course, your skimboard is not indestructible. It goes through a lot of stress and has been built to endure that. But at some point, it becomes unfit for use or may break down. It is when you need a replacement. 

Sometimes, the skimboard goes above all kinds of repairs. Perhaps it broke into halves, or the tail won’t allow it to rest properly on the ground. Or maybe the nose has broken. In these cases, buy a new one rather than suffer a bad accident.

Also, sometimes the board may develop bubbles in places. These are bubbles with water trapped inside.

It can ruin your skimboard and weaken it. At some point, the board may break. In these cases, it is better to contact a shop and ask for professional help. 

Little dents and holes do not need replacements. Always try to keep a repair kit with yourself. It will help you to cover any minor injuries to the board.

These are very normal when you go skimming at the beach.

If your board has just broken in places or developed some dents and holes, there are a few things you can do by yourself. Rather than buying a new skimboard, do these:

  • Using sandpaper, rub across the dent. In other words, keep sanding until it becomes smooth. 
  • Then, cut some fiberglass and put it on top of the dent. Cut it nicely so it fits into the shape of the pattern correctly.
  • Now, use some resin and apply it on top of it. While working with resin, make sure to work in an open space wearing gloves and a mask. Besides, you can use a paintbrush to apply the polish evenly. Then, let it dry.
  • Some would recommend using another layer. Let it dry completely. Lastly, sand this part again using sandpaper. 
  • Also, if your board has developed small holes, use epoxy to cover these. Then, sand it again after the epoxy dries.

Final Thoughts on Skimboard Lifespan

Everyone loves to play on the beach. Skimboards are just the perfect way to enjoy your time there.

Owning a skimboard is not enough; you must take great care of your board. Only then will it last longer.

However, if you cannot take proper care of your skimboard, you will lose it prematurely. 

So, how long do skimboards last? I hope you got the idea. Thank you for reading the entire article with patience. Your board is just how well you treat it.

So, take good care of your skimboard and have a great time at the beach!