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Snorkeling on Vacation [ Tipping Etiquette Guide ]

Snorkeling has proven itself to be one of the most sophisticated and popular activities. Entering deep waters to enjoy the wonders of nature and aquatic life seems like a piece of pearl everyone wants. However, if this is your first time, you might have some questions about where to go, how to prepare for the trip, and how much to tip for a snorkel trip guidance.

The most important things to consider for snorkeling are the gears, the destination, the harm you may cause to the local environment, and how much you should tip your guide. Usually, all these preparations and costs involved are to be pre-determined for a fruitful snorkeling experience.

Now that you know what kind of preparation it takes to go snorkeling out in the waters, let’s jump into the more intricate details. Try keeping up with me till the end and focus on each aspect that I will discuss in this article. Since snorkeling can be risky and at times sensitive, it’s better that you do some research beforehand.

Why Do You Need a Snorkel Guide?

First and foremost, you need to do prior research before you finalize and book an appointment with a snorkel guide from your preferred tourist agency. It’s better to hire a guide as foreign waters can be quite scary to deal with without proper guidance.

Guides will not only make the snorkeling a lot more knowledgeable and enjoyable but they will most of all provide peace of mind. Activities like snorkeling might not be for the faint hearts and hence, that’s where guides step in to ensure safety and guide you through.

Guides can also make your trip go smoother than you may expect. Hence, reserving a guide for your snorkel venture is a must for first-timers!

How Much to Tip Snorkel Guides and Crews?

Usually, if it’s a guide crew who is aiding you in your trip, it’s best to tip $10 per person on average. If your experience with them was enjoyable and if you found their services pleasant then consider tipping each person 20%.

The crewmates of the snorkel guides are always welcoming any amount of generous tip but $10 per person is the safest amount to make them happy! But, the more you can afford to give the merrier!

The crew members of Snorkel guides rely on these tips as extra income in their jobs. Although tipping is a personal choice, it still doesn’t hurt to help them make an extra buck for their service if you can afford to. It’s pretty much the same as tipping a delivery man, barber, or waiter!

Top Tourist Destinations for Snorkeling

Choosing the most attractive and safest hotspot for making your flippers wet can be quite a bummer. Nevertheless, it’s still a thing that’s best left to be decided by you and your travel buddies.

In other words, you are expected to have the best knowledge about the places you might prefer to go snorkeling on your own. However, I’ve still decided to go out of my way to make this task a tidbit easier for you.

Here are the top 3 famous places to go snorkeling according to snorkeling enthusiasts worldwide. The places I’ve picked here are just the ones I’ve found to be the unique ones amidst the long lists that exist. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

If you’re a fan of ship-wreckages and thriving marine life taking over the ruins of mankind, then this is your place. Tulamben is popular among snorkels and scuba divers for the famous wreckage of massive USAT Liberty from WWII now resting at the shoulder of its sands.

Enjoying world-famous wreckage from WWII has never been any easier thanks to the various snorkel guides. This place is also easy to visit as you are not required to go deep into the waters to see the wreckage.

You can contact various diving and scuba agencies located at Karangasem Regency in Bali, Indonesia for more information.

Molokini, Hawaii, USA

The world-famous island of Molokini houses several marine life and pitch-perfect conditions for a snorkeling experience. The crescent-shaped crater will greet you with gentle waves, friendly marine animals, vivid coral structures, and rare sea turtles.

This place is so safe and famous that you can snorkel with your family members at ease and not feel worried for a dime. Additionally, guides are there for you to ensure a serene and exquisite snorkeling experience.

Jellyfish Lake, Palau, Eil Malk Island

You don’t necessarily have to get your flippers in oceans all the time to enjoy snorkeling, it can also be done in lakes for a more unique experience.

One such famous Lake is the Jellyfish Lake and by its name, you must have already figured out the guests that will greet you here. Not to worry though, because the jellyfish in this saltwater lake are non-toxic.

Hence, you just might get to experience a much more unique and different take on snorkeling in this Lake.  Definitely a must-go hotspot for experienced snorkelers!

Equipment You Should Have for Snorkeling

Recreational activities like snorkeling do come up with additional exclusive gear costs and such just like you require them in activities like hiking, and camping.

Hence, it’s always a good idea to have some prior knowledge about the gears you will need to give you a rough sketch of the finances involved.

Here, I will list down some obvious and essential equipment required to be bought before you go snorkeling.

Mask and Mask Defogger

You will need a mask that needs to fit your face and has no leaks. Defoggers help to clarify your vision by preventing fogging of masks. Try to choose an environment-friendly, non-toxic defogger for your safety and the environment.


Wetsuits for snorkeling not only provide protective measures but also provide buoyancy in waters. Whether you want to buy short or full-body wetsuits depends upon the conditions of the water you plan to explore.

A Swim Cap

A swim cap for snorkeling is something that is needed to protect your hair and vision from the scorching heat of the sun. Missing these cheap necessities isn’t an option!

Short Fins

If it’s just snorkeling that you’re going for, then short fins for snorkeling will be easy on your legs. They are also a lot easier to maneuver with your feet. Make sure to wear some neoprene socks before fitting in the fins to protect yourself from blisters.

Biodegradable Sunscreen

What are beaches and waters without sunscreen right? Well, as much as they might feel necessary, it’s important to care about the safety of Coral Reefs as well. Hence, a reef-friendly, biodegradable sunscreen is a must-have for your snorkeling trip.

It’s important to consider the safety of the marine life and reef system when going snorkeling. Hence, checking this article out is a must if you want to learn more about this topic. Certain actions are advised to be avoided during snorkeling to protect the environment, so please avoid doing them.


How can you go snorkeling without a snorkel? It’s a quite vital part of going snorkeling, so take your time to find which works best for you, a full face snorkel mask or just a snorkel mask and snorkel along with taking time to test out that the mouthpiece fits.

Some snorkels have additional features and drag-resistive properties so choose this gear properly.


Hopefully, that answers all your inquiries regarding your interests and plans on snorkeling in the future. There are so many places to snorkel if you are looking for some thrill or just planning to have a memorable family vacation. But proper preparation is essential to make your vacation a success.

I hope you utilize what you have learned here today and will allow you to have a wonderful experience. Be sure to have fun and tip your snorkel guide as generously as you can!

If you are looking for snorkeling gear we have a huge list of lists to help you find just the right snorkeling gear to get you up and moving, check it out here!

After reading this article, I’m sure you have a general idea of how much to tip for snorkel trip guidance. Best of luck!