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Flipped Jet Ski: How to Right a PWC and Check for Damage

A flipped jet ski is like a nightmare for adventurers. It can be a big concern if you do not know how to flip a jet ski back over. So, I always recommend that you learn to turn over a flipped PWC before getting it into the water. You must ask yourself first, how do I stop my jet ski from flipping?

You can flip a PWC with a calm mind and prompt actions. After turning off the engine, you have to pull up one side of the jet ski with your hands. Instantly, you have to use your body weight to get the watercraft back to the previous position. Then you have to get to the shore to assess the overall damage of the jet ski.

This article will inform you of the reasons why a jet ski flips so that you can avoid them. It has a step-by-step guide to get a flipped jet ski back to its proper position. By reading this article, you will also know how to check the damage of a jet ski after it has flipped.

What Causes a Jet Ski to Flip?

The behavior of a jet ski is very similar to that of a motorcycle. Both of them are fun to ride and are at risk of being imbalanced. But unlike motorcycles, when a jet ski loses balance, it flips in the water.

Size of Your Jet Ski

If you fail to choose a jet ski that fits your body structure and weight, there is a high risk that it will flip over. In most cases, jet skis have more than one passenger. The reason is loss of balance due to carrying a load that is not suitable for the PWC.

Generally, a large jet ski tends to flip fewer times. So, always try to ride a heavy jet ski. If you need to carry passengers on your jet ski ride, find a watercraft suitable for three people.

Low Speed

Like a motorcycle, motion is the main factor in the stability of a jet ski. If you are driving it too slowly, your chances of getting the PWC flipped are higher. 

So, always maintain a decent speed while driving your jet ski. It is always wiser to ride a jet ski that has a throttle. Throttles give you better control over the speed of a vehicle.

Heroic Stunts

The charming part of jet skiing is performing wave jumping or fast turns. At the same time, they are the riskiest part of it too. If you are determined to do the stunts, be prepared to see your jet ski flip over several times in the beginning.

In most cases, jet skis flip while making a sharp turn at high speed. If you must turn at a pace, try to make the turn as wide as possible. It will minimize the risk of the jet ski tipping over.

Uneven Weight Distribution

If the weight of the passengers is more on the rear side of the jet ski, the chances of your jet ski flipping while riding it are higher.

You always have to lean forward as much as possible while riding a jet ski. If you have a passenger with you, tell him to move forward at the beginning of the ride. 

Reboarding Problems

In many cases, jet skis flip over while reboarding them onto the shore. It happens when you do not know the proper way to get your watercraft out of the water.

Always get the jet ski on a trailer before you get it out of the water. It is mandatory to put the jet ski on the trailer starting from the rear side of the watercraft.

How To Turn Over A Flipped PWC?

You can turn over a flipped jet ski by putting some pressure on one side of the watercraft. Some jet-skis have a sticker at the rear end demonstrating how to turn it over when it flips.

You can check the user manual of your jet ski to learn more. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting your flipped jet ski back to its normal position.

Step 1: First of all, put yourself together and remain calm. Keep in mind that it is common for a jet ski to flip now and then. If you can act instantly, there will be no harm done to the vehicle either. 

Step 2: Without any second thought, turn off the engine. Some jet skis will stop the motor right after it has flipped. If you are not riding one of those, do it yourself. You should be worried about the engine the most after flipping your jet ski.

Step 3: There are two ways to flip back the jet ski. The first option requires you to get to the side of the vehicle and lean over the other side of it while holding the sidebar tightly. Then pull the sidebar towards yourself with full force. By this time, your jet ski should be in the upright position. If you find this process difficult to follow, try step 4.

Step 4: If you are a short person, step 3 can be hard to follow for you. In that case, get yourself at the rear end of the jet ski. Hold the bar with both of your hands on the two corners of the jet ski. With a single motion, put pressure on both sides to turn over the watercraft.

Step 5: Climb back onto the jet ski and restart the engine. If the engine does not start, you will need to call for help to get the watercraft back to shore. Even if you succeed in running the engine, shorten your ride and get back to the shore to check for any damage.

Checking For Damages Of A Flipped Jet Ski

First, check whether there is any damage to the watercraft due to the flipping. The first thing you should try to protect is the engine of the PWC. You need to check the following parts of the jet ski immediately.

The Hydro Lock

Shut the hydro lock on the engine to save the engine from getting wet inside. Otherwise, water will keep entering the cylinders, making it impossible to fix the engine. Carefully check the hydro lock to see if it can still prevent water from getting into the engine chamber. 

The Cylinders

The most common outcome of flipping a jet ski is an accumulation of water in its engine cylinders. If you do not clear the water at once, it may cause ignition. Pull the spark plug and manually check for any moisture inside the cylinders of the PWC.

The Plug Wires

Unplug all the electric wires of the jet ski to prevent any short circuit caused by the water. You have to clean the wires and the plugs and make them dry before you can put them back into the jet ski. To make sure the engine chamber is completely dry, you can use an electric blower.

Final Thoughts on Jet Ski Flipping

Every form of fun has certain risks attached to it. For jet skiing, the risk is getting flipped over in a matter of seconds. I am sure that after reading this article, you have found the answer to your question- how do I stop my jet ski from flipping

Now that you know how to flip a jet ski back over, your share of the fun of jet skiing will increase many times.