Jet Ski Range (Distance and Hours Per Tank)

Jet Skis have to be one of the coolest aquatic vehicles known to man. Other than their slick and cool design, they also allow you to experience what it is like to be jetting through the ocean. While Jet Skis mainly exist for the thrill of adventure, there are certain technicalities one should know before riding one. And one thing you must be sure off is what is the range of a jet ski. 

The range a Jet Ski can travel depends on various factors such as speed, weight, size, etc. How far a Jet Ski can travel on a single tank of gas can also vary depending on the inner mechanics of the model you are using. A typical Jet Ski can, on average, travel about 75 to 150 miles on a single tank of gas. 

However, the overall range a Jet Ski can travel is hardly that simple. There are various internal and external factors relating to a Jet Ski that can affect how far it can travel. Additionally, there are also little things you can do to increase the range your Jet Ski can travel.

Though the change is not monumental, it is enough to bring a significant change to how far your Jet Ski can travel.

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How Far Can a Jet Ski Go?

How far a Jet Ski can travel is dependent on various factors such as the size of your gas tank, the condition of the ocean, the model of your Jet Ski, etc. Because of this, the precise range of a Jet Ski is different for every model and every time it is used.

However, as a generalized estimation, you may consider that an average Jet Ski has a range where it can travel 75 to 150 miles on one tank of gas. 

Knowing the range of a Jet Ski is very important. Jet Skis run on the ocean. Unlike road vehicles, such as cars or motorcycles, there are no gas stations in the middle of the sea where you can fill up on fuel. 

The amount of fuel your gas tank can hold must last your entire trip. You need to know the range your jet ski can travel so that you know how far you can go before turning around to return to shore.  

To find out the range of your Jet Ski you must figure out how much fuel your Jest Ski consumes per hour. You can usually find this information in the user manual that comes with the Jet Ski.

This information shall usually be given in miles per gallon. So, if you are confused, just look for the number with the unit “MPG” next to it. This is the range of your Jet Ski. 

Factors Affecting Jet Ski Range

As previously discussed, various factors contribute to the range of a Jet Ski. These factors usually have to do with the structure of the Jet Ski itself or the conditions in which you are planning to ride your Jet Ski. 

The levels at which these factors influence your Jet Ski range vary. However, all of them make a significant impact on Jet Ski’s overall performance. Here are the main factors that contribute to the range of a Jet Ski.


This refers to many things such as temperature, humidity, and wind. Cold temperatures can slow down the speed of a Jet Ski thus also reducing the range it can travel. Cool waters can often be harmful to the engine, especially during deep winters when the surface of the water begins frosting up.

Temperature also impacts how well the rider can perform thus also impacting the Jet Ski’s range. 

Other important weather factors to consider are humidity and wind. Humid air tends to be thicker and denser than regular air. This can have an impact on the speed at which the Jet Ski can cut through. Similarly, harsh winds can come as resisting forces that can push a Jet Ski away from its desired direction.

Water Conditions

Just like the wind, turbulent waters can also come as a resisting force against Jet Skis. The Jet Ski must put in extra force and time to make its way through turbulent waters.

It can have an impact on the overall range the Jet Ski can travel. Turbulent waters can also affect how much support the engine can give while riding. 

Another thing you may want to consider is the type of water you are using your Jet Ski in. Saltwater tends to be much denser than clear or freshwater.

Thus riding in saltwater may require more fuel power than riding in freshwater. This means that you can travel longer ranges in freshwater compared to saltwater.


Speed is perhaps one of the most essential factors in determining the range of your Jet Ski. Think of it as basic physics. Distance is equal to speed multiplied by time. Time here is not something you can control. Thus the best way for you to increase the distance you can travel is by increasing the speed at which you ride. 

The speed at which you ride may be impacted by several things. As already mentioned above, opposing forces such as wind or turbulent waters can impact the speed at which you travel.

You can counter this can be countered slightly through your riding technique and adjusting your body as necessary while riding. 


As you probably know by now one of the biggest factors determining the range of a Jet Ski is speed. To take it a step further, one of the biggest influences on speed is mass. The lower the mass, the faster a Jet Ski can travel. Mass here refers to the total weight of the Jet Ski, including the rider. 

The less weight that is on the Jet Ski, the faster it can travel but when too much weight is placed on top of a Jet Ski, most of the power from the engine goes into keeping the vehicle afloat.

When the overall weight of the Jet Ski is lower, the engine’s force can be directed in pushing the Jet Ski forward rather than keeping it afloat.   

How to Increase Jet Ski Range?

There are various ways for you to increase Jet Ski range. The simplest option would be to carry extra fuel with you so that you may refill your gas tank in the middle of riding without having to come back to shore.

If you are looking to improve the overall performance of your jet ski, there are some other methods you can try.

The easiest way to increase a Jet Ski’s range is by influencing any of the factors that determine a Jet Ski’s range. You likely already know the factors which influence the range of a Jet Ski from the section above.

However, to make things simpler, here is a list of things you can try to improve the range of your Jet Ski. 

  • Ride in freshwater
  • Lean forward while riding
  • Get rid of extra weight on the Jet Ski
  • If you are riding in winter, get Jet Ski Skates
  • Get a power filter
  • Clean your engines properly, and regularly
  • Ride in sunny weather with optimum wind levels


And that is all about what is the range of a jet ski. Jet Ski range can depend on various things. Oftentimes, the range of your Jet Ski may be entirely out of your hands.

However, I hope this article helped you figure out some tricks and tips that can help you improve the range of your Jet Ski. 

Thank you for reading. Happy riding!

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