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Jet Ski Stator (Key to Charging Ignition & Battery)

Riding on jet skis is one of the most thrilling experiences you could have. But it could turn into a straight-up nightmare if the watercraft got stuck in the middle of the ocean for having a faulty stator.

That is why knowing the overall use and purpose of this device in a jet ski is extremely important for ensuring your safety.

The stator in a jet ski basically maintains a particular amount of battery so that the watercraft doesn’t stop in the middle of an ocean. The rotating propeller of the jet ski help to power it up. You won’t need another small battery for running the stator. The amount of battery it can back up depends on the type of stator. 

This is just the basic understanding of the stator’s work inside a jet ski. For ensuring your safety, you will need a deeper understanding. “What does a jet ski stator do” is a very common question that I get asked and here, I will briefly answer it.

Don’t skip any part for having an overall understanding of the topic.

The Function of a Stator in Jet Ski

A stator is basically an electrical component similar to generators and motors. There are magnets equally aligned inside a stator that rotates simultaneously. This constant rotation creates electricity and outputs to the desired device. 

To understand the work of a stator in a jet ski, you will need to know what it actually is. Stators are used on all sorts of electrical equipment, but they were mainly designed to run various industrial motors.

They are also heavily used on many different types of vehicles and boats. You might be wondering, what is the main purpose of stators in a watercraft life jet ski?

As you might already know, a jet is propelled with the help of rotating wheels which are commonly placed on the bottom backside of the watercraft.

The momentum of the wheels creates a substantial amount of energy that used to get wasted in previous watercraft. But scientists made it possible to take advantage of it.

The energy created by the wheels is sent to the stator for inducing power, and it stays there until the Jet Ski runs out of battery.

Once the watercraft runs out of power, the stator provides it with enough juice to get back to the land. Keep in mind that stators will only provide enough power for running the Jet Ski for a few minutes at best.

So, the main task of a stator in your jet ski is to provide enough backup power so that the watercraft can sail back to land safely.

It can be said without a doubt that the stator is one of the most important components of a jet ski.

Importance of Having a Working Stator in a Jet Ski

Having a perfectly working stator in a jet ski is essential as it will save you in an emergency situation. 

As you might already know, the battery of a jet ski is not very powerful. Even if you own a very expensive jet ski, it won’t run for hours and hours.

Such watercraft is designed to have a bit of fun for a limited amount of time; not for traveling.

That is why there is a very high chance of you not noticing the battery percentage of the Jet Ski, and without the help of the stator, you won’t be able to go back to land.

To this point, the importance of having a stator should have been clear to you. 

But you might be wondering, will Jet Ski run with a bad stator? Well yes. Even without one, your Jet Ski will run. I’ll be talking about that in a bit more detail in the next section.

Can You Drive Jet Ski Without a Stator?

Yes, driving a jet ski without a stator is technically possible. The main task of the stator is to provide your jet ski a particular amount of backup power. It has little to no relation with the jet ski battery or engine of the watercraft. 

The stator is basically a separate device that is connected to the flywheel of the Jet Ski so that it could get enough power to back up the original battery of the watercraft.

So technically, a jet ski can be run without having a stator, but that is basically like driving a car without a hand brake. It is risky and not recommended by me.

How to Detect a Bad Stator?

If you feel the stator of your jet ski is not working properly, there are ways to check its overall capacity. All you have to do is follow some simple steps given below.

Step One

If the stator of your watercraft is lacking power, the first thing you will need is a multimeter. You will find them on Amazon for a very affordable price.

For those who are, there is a mode named “Voltage” on the rotating switch of the device. Just take the indicator to that mode.

Step Two

After that, simply connect both of the leads (Positive and negative) of the multimeter with the battery of the watercraft.

Don’t mix the positive and negative leads of the battery and multimeter. Otherwise, you won’t get any readings.

Step Three

If you do everything perfectly, the multimeter will start to provide readings. Notice the voltage, it should be somewhere around 12.8 volts or even more. Now, you will have to provide some rev to the Jet Ski.

After that, the reading should go up to 14.5 or more. Now, if you don’t notice any change in the value, that basically means the stator of that watercraft is malfunctioning.

The ground, rectifier, or magneto of the stator might be broken. In such cases, you should run to an electronics shop to purchase a new stator immediately.

How to Keep the Battery Charged with a Malfunctioning Stator?

If your jet ski has a bad stator, there are two ways to keep the battery of the watercraft charged up. You can either use a normal charger or a solar charger.

Using an external charger for the battery of your watercraft is a good way to keep it at an optimal level. You will find them at any electronics shop, and they won’t poke a hole in your wallet.

The charger will keep the battery from draining completely and you won’t have to get stuck in the middle of the ocean.

Using a solar charger is another good alternative. As we all know, it is always sunny at the coast of the sea, and the photon-charged charger will always keep the battery of your jet ski topped.

But most of the jet skies are pretty thin and light, and solar panels can be a bit heavy. So such chargers won’t support all of the watercraft out there.

You can use these devices for backup power as a temporary alternative to the stator. Get a working mechanical device quickly and replace it with the malfunctioned one.

Please don’t use a charger of any kind as a proper alternative to a stator. Such mechanical devices are water-resistant, unlike chargers. So use a stator for avoiding a colossal disaster.


The stator is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a jet ski as it provides a layer of security to the watercraft.

To ensure seamless skiing, knowing the basics of this important component is absolutely essential. “What does a jet ski stator do” is a common question among the skiing community, and here, I have extensively explained it. 

Until next time, sail safely.