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Jet Ski Wear Ring (Purpose, Issues, & Maintenance)

A Jet Ski is only as good as its insides. As long as the internal parts of a Jet Ski are well maintained, you should have no trouble riding it smoothly for many years. Most people only tend to the engines or external parts of a Jet Ski. However, lesser-known parts such as the Jet Ski wear ringare just as important and need attention for a Jet Ski to run well. Now, what is the wear ring on a jet ski

A Jet Ski wear ring is a plastic or steel ring situated in between the ski pump and the impeller of a Jet Ski. The ring ensures there are no gaps between the ski pump and the propeller. This prevents power from being lost and keeps the pump from getting damaged. Jet Ski wear rings can wear out easily and require frequent replacement so that the Jet Ski can perform well.

Despite being a rather small component, buried deep in the inner mechanics of a Jet Ski, a wear ring is essential to how well a Jet Ski functions. Thus, as a Jet Ski owner, it is important to know what a Jet Ski wear ring is, how it functions, and the proper way in which it should be taken care of.

These are the precise topics that I plan on covering through this article. 

What Is A Jet Ski Wear Ring?

A Jet Ski Wear ring is a ring that goes around the impeller of a Jet Ski. This ring is most commonly made out of stainless steel or plastic. The function of a wear ring is to protect the pump of a Jet Ski and prevent any leakage. 

This ensures that the pump functions properly at high pressures, allowing for optimum performance when riding. 

Jet Ski Wear rings are an important component of a Jet Ski that ensures the best possible performance while riding. Unfortunately, not all Jet Skis come with a wear ring.

Since wear rings are in constant contact with water, they easily get damaged. This is not too much of an issue since wear rings are not too expensive and easy to replace. 

For Jet Skis that do not have wear rings, issues relating to the pump get a bit more complicated. Since there is no wear ring to protect the pump housing from the propeller, any damage done to the pump will require the replacement of the entire pumping house.

This can be much more costly than simply replacing a wear ring now and then. 

Issues You May Face With a Jet Ski Wear Ring

Wear ring issues in Jet Skis are not so much an actual problem as they are inevitabilities. As the name suggests, a wear ring is supposed to wear out over time and then be replaced with a new one.

So this means you do not need to worry about the wear ring getting damaged. Jet Ski wear rings were manufactured with the intent that they are to be frequently replaced. 

Jet Ski wear rings are placed around the impeller to prevent water leaks from the pump. Since the ring itself is in constant contact with water, it can easily get damaged over time.

Furthermore, the pump of a Jet Ski often picks up small pebbles or dirt from the water. This can also hit the wear ring and speed up its damaging process. 

Though less common, one other way you may find your wear ring getting damaged is from contact with the propeller. As the wear ring decays, it can loosen its grip on the propellers.

This can allow the propeller to make direct contact with the ring. The wings of the propeller can scrape or scratch the surface of the wear ring, leading it to get damaged. 

Since it is not possible to prevent the rotting of the wear ring, the only way you can properly maintain it is by ensuring you do a good job of replacing it.

So in order to properly maintain a Jet Ski you must know two things; when the wear ring needs replacement, and how to go about replacing the wear ring. 

When To Replace Jet Ski Wear Rings?

Since the wear ring is not something you can directly see, it will likely take some time before you notice that the ring may need replacing. Here are some ways through which you can figure out if your wear ring needs replacing. 

Lookout for any Decline In Performance

The Jet Ski wear ring is what ensures that your Jet Ski is always performing its best. If you suddenly notice your Jet Ski slowing down or moving as smoothly as it used to, there might be something wrong with the wear ring.

If you notice a significant decline in performance, it is advised that you return to shore to check what’s wrong before going further into the ocean. 

However, just because your Jet Ski is performing worse than normal, does not mean there is for sure something wrong with the wear ring.

Various factors can contribute to how well a Jet Ski can perform. Thus make sure to properly check the condition of the wear ring before replacing it. 

Check the Condition of the Wear Ring

If you’ve noticed a decline in performance, you should then also check to see the condition the wear ring is in. It will be pretty obvious if the ring needs instant replacement.

Since damage to wear rings is usually done through decay or rotting, you may notice some discoloration in the ring or shrinkage in width. 

Sometimes you may find that the decline in performance occurred from the buildup of debris or shifting of the ring. In this case, cleaning the ring and putting it back in place may be enough to solve the issue.

However, if you notice a gap that is equal to or more than 0.005 inches between the ring and the impeller, then it is best to get the ring replaced.  

How to Replace a Jet Ski Wear Ring?

If you are certain that the wear ring in your Jet Ski is damaged, then your next course of action will be to get the ring replaced. Though you can get this done from a professional, the process is simple enough to try at home as well. To replace the wear ring of your Jet Ski, follow the steps given below. 

Step 1: Remove the iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse) and the jet nozzle. Then pull out the pump of the jet. 

Step 2: Remove the cover of the impeller. After this place the entire pump and the new Jet Ski wear ring in the freezer for about 45 to 60 minutes. This will help remove the old wear ring from the pump later. 

Step 3: Take the pump out of the freezer and use a hairdryer to heat it from the outside. 

Step 4: Wait for the pump to heat. Then remove the old wear ring. After this heat the pump again.

Step 5: Take out the new ring from the freezer and place it into the pump.

Step 6: After setting the ring in place, seal everything up and place the pump back inside the Jet Ski.


Big, or small, all parts of a Jet Ski are important for it to function properly. I hope this article helped you understand more about what is the wear ring on a jet ski.

Now that you know how important they are, you should be able to take care of your Jet Ski so that it can serve you to the best of its ability.