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Paddling With Dangerous Creatures [ Gators, Snakes, Oh My! ]

Paddle boarding is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and get your exercise in at the same time. But, what about alligators and other dangerous creatures? Can you paddle board next to them safely without concern?

The answer is yes! You can definitely go out on the water and have a great experience with creatures like alligators, snakes, and more without being scared. Most creatures like alligators, attack only in extremely rare cases and they generally avoid people for their own safety.

For many you will not ever have to deal with this issue as alligators are not prevalent in many places that enjoy the ability to paddle board, though being safe with the animals in the habitat you paddle in will matter.

Is it Safe to Paddle Board Around Alligators?

When you paddle board in places like Florida you need to be aware of alligators. These creatures are scary and dangerous!

A lot of people think it might be fun to paddle board with an alligator because its so cool looking and kind of like being in Jurassic Park but beware this is not true at all since they have been known to actually prey on paddlers before.

With Florida being one place where many gators live we need to make sure we take precautionary measures to stay safe around them while also respecting their space too.

The best thing would be just staying away from them altogether which isn’t always possible if your wanting to explore the water in areas where alligators live.

Instead you want to make sure you pay careful attention to where they are and try to stay away from the areas of water that have a lot of them.

If you find yourself face-to-face with one it’s best to not get any closer than 20 yards so as to avoid their territory which is why we say if your close, paddle back and get some space back between you.

But also be sure not to make direct eye contact or turn your back on them because this could provoke an attack.

In general most alligators will only strike when provoked but there are some cases where people were attacked while paddling boards in front of gators who weren’t really doing anything at the time too so never take chance either way!

Is it Safe to Paddle Board Around Crocodiles?

The near cousin to the alligator in many peoples eyes a crocodile is a sneakier and more aggressive type of reptile. Crocodiles are famous for their stealth abilities, but many people have been lucky enough to paddle by these creatures without incident.

The truth is that the crocodilian brain has evolved over time with an acute ability to detect movement in water or on land from far away distances which makes it difficult (but not impossible) to paddle close to one undetected.

Like alligators they also prefer warmer waters so if you’re looking for them you’ll find them near areas where there’s less chance of colder currents dispersing their heat too quickly.

One thing about crocs worth noting: Though they might look like sluggish lazy lizards lounging around waiting for prey, but don’t let this fool you as they are incredibly fast and agile in the water.

They have also been known to sun themselves on logs, so a simple rule of thumb is that if you see one basking on a log or rock then it’s likely there are more nearby.

If this sounds like your kind of adventure go ahead and paddle out! But take care not to get too close to any animal as these creatures can quickly turn defensive with little provocation.

Is it Safe to Paddle Board Around Snakes?

Many people worry about snakes because they are smaller and harder to see, but make sure you take careful time to watch up high as well as in the water.

Some snakes love trees and will climb out on them to get more sun exposure but this can also lead to them falling out and possibly hitting you from above, always look at your surroundings.

Snakes will not strike unless they feel threatened, so as long as you paddle around them and don’t try to grab or hurt them, then all should be well in most circumstances.

If you are in an area with water snakes like the water moccasin, then you should be careful as they can strike without warning and with an extremely toxic venom that is very painful and dangerous to humans.

Do not touch them or try to grab them under any circumstances!

If it’s necessary to get out of their way (and there are no other options), do so calmly but quickly. You must always take care when around reptiles such as these; remember, if something feels wrong – it probably is!

Can snakes get on your Paddle Board?

It is possible for a snake to climb aboard your paddleboard, but it’s highly unlikely. As long as you stay away from the snake and don’t bother or threaten them then they will likely leave you alone!

Is it Safe to Paddle Board Around Sharks?

For those who choose to paddle board in the ocean you are also bringing in the risk of encountering sharks. Sharks are one of peoples LARGEST fears in the ocean and it makes sense due to their speed, size, and damage they are able to do.

A shark’s diet consists mainly of fish, squid, and other marine animals like dolphins. This means that a large majority (95%) of the time you are not at any risk when paddle boarding in the ocean because most sharks only eat what they need to survive.

However there is some possibility for fatality as there have been cases where people were attacked by Great Whites while out on their boards; which can be very intimidating considering these creatures can grow incredibly long!

There are many types of sharks though and you do want to be safe so try to stay away from those more likely to attack humans, like a Great White or Tiger Shark.

There are about 100 different types of sharks and out of all them, only a handful actually pose any kind of threat at all. These include: Mako Sharks (which have been known for attacking boats and ships), Hammerhead Sharks (that can be aggressive when cornered), and many more.

Final Thoughts

I think the most terrifying creature to paddle with is a crocodile because they are so unpredictable.

Alligators and snakes can be more easily seen coming from far away, but when you see that tail underwater it’s hard to know what’s going on or if there might be anything else lurking in the water.

That said, it’s always fun (and definitely nerve-wracking) paddling around them! Which of these dangerous creatures scares you the most? Let me know in the comments below and we can chat about our experiences with each one!

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