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Power Snorkeling: Are You Ready To Explore?

Power snorkeling is the latest trend in fitness and outdoor recreation. This article explains everything about power snorkeling, things like what gear you need, and how to get started with it, so what is power snorkeling anyway?

Powered snorkeling is snorkeling with the help of a propulsion device that helps you move faster and more efficiently in the water, many with top speeds 5 times faster than normal human swimming speed. These have become very popular with tours and with individuals looking to explore more underwater on their own.

If you love the water and are finding yourself tiring out or wanting to cover more water in any trip then you may be interested in getting your own power snorkeling setup, lets dig in more!

What is Power Snorkeling?

Let’s start with a little bit of information on power snorkeling. Power snorkeling is snorkeling using a powered propeller device that allows you to travel through the water up to five times faster than normal.

This allows you to look around more and go further with your adventure while keeping you fresh and less exhausted than traditional snorkeling.

The powered platforms make use of lithium-ion batteries that grant higher speeds and give a long battery life per use for increased expeditions and exploration.

Tips for Power Snorkeling

If you are new to power snorkeling you want to follow some baseline tips to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Don’t Get Too Cocky or Overconfident

A power snorkeling device is amazing to hold, but just because it helps you move faster in the water itself it doesn’t add to your safety in the water.

There are always things like other boats, animals, and similar things you need to watch for and approach with common sense and discretion.

Stay With the Group

Many people will feel a rush getting out in the water and decide to push their limits and go exploring farther away than they may have otherwise.

The issue with this is that while you are there to have fun it is VERY easy to get lost out on the water and if you are lost there are not many landmarks to get you back safely.

When you travel out with a group make sure you keep them around you so that you can always get back where you started.

Use Power Wisely

Powered devices do have a limited life of operation on a single charge, you want to use that power the best you can to maximize the length it can run for you.

Some keys would be to avoid using the battery when facing into the current as this will use a tremendous amount of energy while not traveling very far, instead try to align your trip with the current to maximize performance.

Benefits of Power Snorkeling

There is a supreme benefit to the use of a powered device while in the water, it gives you tremendous movement and the ability to search and discover in a greater area.

Brings You Closer to the Action

The main benefit of power snorkeling over regular snorkeling is that it allows you to get closer to the action without having to use so much effort.

Snorkeling is a lot of fun, but getting up close to the action might be tough at times. Fish seem to understand how far they can go while snorkeling without being too invasive.

Getting you close to Coral Reefs, Tropical Fish, and really helping you find that inner James Bond are some things that drew me into this as a new fascination.

When you use a motorized device to go down to where the fish are, there is no need for a lot of energy or breath.

You may also stay down there longer since you didn’t waste a lot of energy and breathe to reach them. 

Power Snorkeling Excursions

One thing that has me excited is that these are fairly inexpensive to purchase but can last you years of exploring your local waterways and beaches.

Additionally, they are very prevalent in tours and offshore adventures when on a vacation. Finding a guided tour can help you find the best spots and learn how to power snorkel for maximum safety.

Most places will have an “all-inclusive” package that includes transportation, equipment rental or purchase, and a guide all in one cost-effective vacation!

Snorkeling Tours and Adventure Companies Excursions

Looking online offered vacation tours and packages within the Continental United States along with almost any tropical location with clear oceans and seas.

I would suggest doing a search for your area and seeing what comes up. There are many in Caribbean waters with companies that help you get out and dive deep into the turquoise waters.

One of the most interesting things I saw was that many tours offered other rentals too from kayak rentals, boat rides, and even guide services to take you out in the water where others might not be able to go because they do not have access or equipment.

Personal Trips

To me this is where it becomes so interesting, I love to explore just off the beach where the land tends to drop away from the easy coastal exploration.

This gives you more ability to see what is out there, whether it be an ancient shipwreck or maybe even a new one.

The best part of these trips though is the personal ones where you can take your own power snorkeling equipment along with you and explore further than ever before! 

Final Thoughts

Snorkeling with powerful underwater scooters is definitely a thrill. It appealed to the deep thrill of being an adventurer in all of us, and everyone had a great time.

If you are looking for snorkeling gear we have a huge list of lists to help you find just the right snorkeling gear to get you up and moving, check it out here!

For a large family like ours, it wasn’t the cheapest activity but one that we all loved. If you are looking for a new twist on a great leisure activity, give power snorkeling a try.

Let me know in the comments if you would try power snorkeling!

Best Options For Personal Devices

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