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Snorkeling Without Fins: Why Fins Can Be Overrated But Needed

The sport of snorkeling is growing and gaining ground. As many new people discover the sport and wish to venture into it, they ask many questions that require attention.

Some of the questions we find on other websites and quora are asked even by experienced snorkelers. Some questions are asked for safety reasons, and some people ask out of curiosity, while some ask for many other reasons.

Whatever the reason for your question, all we know is that you have the right to get an answer. Among many other questions about snorkeling is, can you snorkel without fins?

The straight answer here is yes. You can snorkel without fins. But to do so depends on how far and how fast you want to explore the ocean floor and why you choose to snorkel.

If you have been reading books and other documents searching for answers to this question, this article is your bus stop; spare a few minutes as we provide you with all you need to know concerning this topic.

What you should expect in this article:

  • Can you snorkel without fins?
  • How to snorkel without fins,
  • Where can you snorkel without fins?
  • Are there any Advantages of snorkeling without fins?
  • Please put on your reading lenses as you get ready to go with us.

Can you snorkel without fins?

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. Swimming is an age-long activity that many people use, such as fishers and locals swimming in rivers in their back yards for leisure.

Before the emergence of and development of water sports, bare hands and feet were used for this purpose.

Snorkeling might have started through a crude method before developing snorkeling assistants such as the snorkel mask, glasses, fins, and others. 

Note that fins and associated snorkel material came up when snorkelers experienced some difficulties such as currents and safety issues. Depending on where and why you want to snorkel and if your safety is guaranteed, then, yes, you can snorkel without fins.

When you ask a snorkeler this question, they often rephrase it to a somewhat better question: is it a good idea to snorkel without fins?”

However, as you make your decision to snorkel without fins, remember that there are no-go zones for you, you might not be entirely safe, and you might not get maximum enjoyment and exploration. Furthermore, experienced snorkelers will prefer to snorkel with fins.

How to snorkel without fins

We hope you did not ask this question to mean if you can snorkel without snorkel material. Suppose it is not so, then good for you.

You have your mask and snorkel ready; let’s get you to how to go without fins. There is just three instruction you will follow, and that is it.

Get yourself a safe environment and practice there

In other words, safe environments mean a shallow area or a swimming pool. Practice paddling around in any of these environments; train your leg and other muscles to move around without fins.

While you do this, do not worry if your first experience does not pay off. Remember you are training.

If you are not confident with your swimming skills, get yourself a floating device such as a snorkel vest because safety is what matters.

Avoid panicking

Your snorkel device can make it difficult for you to breathe normally. As you begin, have this in mind so you won’t panic as swimming is an active sport and will require a lot of energy.

So if you add panic and anxiety to it, you may not last long in your practice, which will never take you to your destination…..the ocean.

We don’t fight with water because it is the most powerful thing nature ever has. So remain calm and let it teach you normally while increasing your confidence and reserving your energy.

Stay in calm environments

When you finally get to the ocean, stay in a calm environment. This is a piece of friendly advice that can make you lose your life to water in case of disobedience.

As much as possible, avoid areas with high or even low currents. You may have to snorkel when places are most calm such as in the early hours of the morning.

Even basics like entering and exiting the water can become difficult with waves. Moreover, another nice piece of advice is to snorkel where there is a lifeguard or snorkel with an experienced buddy.

Feeling satisfied already, not just yet; there is some more for you.

Where can you snorkel without fins?

Anyone deciding to snorkel without fins is indirectly communicating where they will be snorkeling to his audience. Those who chose to snorkel without fins trace their limits to beaches and shallow environments.

These are environments where there are little or no currents meaning they are relatively calmer. In addition to this, they are also safer. 

But you can explore and have a full experience of deeper ocean areas; furthermore, you may never experience a giant turtle swim if you end up snorkeling without fins.

One may ask is, is swimming without fins of any advantage? The next section provides an answer to your question. Keep reading.

Are there any Advantages of snorkeling without fins?

The answer to this particular question widens your knowledge about snorkeling. There are a couple of advantages associated with snorkeling without fines. That is even why we are discussing this topic in the first place.

The following are some advantages of snorkeling without fins.

  1. If you have ever seen fins in pictures, you probably wonder why people will bother themselves with such bulky material. Your worry is somehow genuine. They are so bulky that you have to consider the plan on how to cover their transportation whenever you choose to go out for snorkeling. Also, you cannot use fins without breaking and damaging corals. If you snorkel in an environment with many other snorkelers, then be ready to have hassles here and there now and then.
  1. Fins increase the likelihood of accidents. It is common to hear someone complain another’s fins scratched me. Sometimes while you carry your stuff with your head up and straight for the ocean, you may forget about others in your way and hit them with your fins, causing injuries. Snorkeling without fins will keep you away from such troubles.
  1. Snorkel fins come in all sizes. You may only want to snorkel once on holiday, and going in for snorkel fins will require you to spend a huge part of your budget, which might not be worth it. Though you have them for almost every budget, the least expensive can be as expensive as $50. But if your size is not the small one, you may be looking at $250. You will be serving up to this amount if you decide to snorkel without fins.


Snorkeling is just a sport, and it can be for everyone. The extent to which you want to enjoy it determines what you need.

Suppose you choose to go with fins or not, fine. Whether you go with fins or not, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with each decision.

If you are looking for snorkeling gear we have a huge list of lists to help you find just the right snorkeling gear to get you up and moving, check it out here!

We advise you do some findings before concluding on what to do—happy and safe snorkeling.