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What are Soft Top Paddle Boards and Why Choose It?

Stand-up paddleboarding is becoming increasingly popular around the world. This sport is played on paddleboards. The sport is a cross between canoeing and surfing and can be done in almost any large body of water. 

Soft top paddle boards are convenient and simple to use for beginners. However, if you’re wondering what soft top paddle boards are, what makes them different from regular paddleboards, and why you should choose, then you’re in the right place. This article provides answers to these questions and more. 

What is a Softtop paddleboard?

The material used in construction, as well as the design, defines soft top paddle boards. These boards are constructed with foam cores and are made of soft epoxy fiberglass material. These are intended to reduce the board’s weight, making it easier to transport. 

Softer materials used in soft top paddle boards are more durable than harder materials used in harder boards. Soft top boards never crack, extending their life. They are designed to last a lifetime.

Why choose a soft top paddleboard

The soft top paddleboard has a lot of appealing features. Knowing what distinguishes these models from one another will help you make an informed decision about what is best for you. Let’s take a look at what a soft top has to offer:

They are the most affordable type of SUP.

One of the most significant advantages of soft top paddle boards is their low cost. Paddleboards can be expensive, and soft tops are the most affordable option. 

You might think that they are of poor quality because of their low price, but this is not the case. Soft tops are simply made of low-cost materials that are neither high-quality nor long-lasting. Their low price is one of the reasons they are an excellent choice for first-time paddlers or children.

New paddlers are bound to hit rocks, scrape the sand, drop their board, or collide with other paddlers. A board at the lower end of the price scale is much easier to replace than one at the higher end.

Soft tops are also ideal for those on a tight budget or who only plan to use their board a few times per year. If you’re going to be storing your board for the majority of the time, it might not be worth it to spend a lot of money on the best.

Exceptional dog-friendly paddles. 

If you have a water-loving pet who would make an excellent SUP buddy, investing in a soft-top paddleboard is a great option. Soft top paddle boards provide a unique cushion that your dog is sure to enjoy.

Aside from this desirable material, dogs will feel safe and secure on a soft-top board due to the board’s grip-friendly construction.

When taking your dog for a ride, comfort and security are essential. While they enjoy softness for sun relaxation and gripping materials for his paws, he will also appreciate that the soft top paddle board has plenty of space.

Soft top paddleboards are good SUPs for families and children.  

If you’re looking for a long-lasting starter board for your kids or family, a soft top is a great choice. For these reasons, the soft top paddleboard is the best option for kids and families.

It has a soft outer shell that provides insurmountable durability, allowing it to handle multiple children or a family simultaneously. The soft top paddleboard is also large enough to accommodate multiple people in one sitting.

While this board’s surface area and outer shell provide spacious SUPing and stability on the water, the spongy material also means that it will not be prone to digging or scratching, which is important when dealing with children.

Simply stated, the soft top paddleboard will be the best option for children and families. It provides the security and durability you require and the protection required to deal with children daily.

Soft top paddleboards are especially great for SUP fishing.  

SUP fishing on a soft top paddle board is ideal for all you SUP anglers out there due to its higher weight capacity. Because the weight limit is higher, you can add more fishing gear without worrying about it affecting the performance of your board.

The soft-top design will keep you comfortable on long trips on the water, and many soft-top models have additional storage areas on the front deck in the form of bungees.

Soft top paddleboards are ideal options for beginners.   

It’s unavoidable that when you first start on a stand-up paddleboard, you’ll run into things, drop your board, or scratch it. Don’t be concerned; it happens to the best of us.

A soft-top SUP will not show deck damage as easily as a hardboard would, and if you can’t keep your balance on the board, falling on a soft deck is less likely to injure you than falling on a hard one.

Soft tops’ larger surface area also aids overall balance, making learning and practicing your paddling skills easier.

They are fantastic for SUP Yoga. 

Soft top paddle boards are made of a spongy material that will accommodate all of your yoga poses.

In addition to providing the most comfort while practicing yoga, soft top paddleboards also provide a larger space to easily perform all types of yoga poses, including those that may require more space than others.

Thanks to plenty of space and a comfortable surface, practicing yoga on the water has never been easier.

What are the Drawbacks of Soft Top Paddleboards? 

They may be heavier than other options.  

Regrettably, soft top paddle boards are heavier than other types of boards on the market. This can be quite concerning for someone who prefers to easily transport their items from one location to another without worrying about excessive weight.

They are not as quick or agile in the water.  

The quickness of soft top paddle boards is not as great as that of inflatable and hard paddleboards. This is why soft-top boards are best suited for beginners, children, and families, those with dogs, or those looking to spend a relaxing evening doing yoga or fishing.

Those seeking a more extreme experience should select a different type of board.

Soft top paddleboards are particularly difficult to store.   

They cannot be inflated and deflated like an iSUP and thus cannot be stored in small spaces. If you buy a soft-top board, make sure you have enough storage space in a place with little sunlight and cool temperatures.

They require a roof rack for transportation.  

A roof rack that is attached to the roof of your car is required to transport a soft-top SUP. Getting your board on and off a roof rack can be difficult, especially for solo paddlers, if the board is too heavy or too long.


Soft top paddle boards are similar to hard boards in construction, but they have a softer and spongier front deck ideal for beginners, kids, and yoga/fishing enthusiasts. They are of high quality while remaining one of the most affordable options on the market.

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