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Skimboarding: Why Waxing the Bottom Makes a Huge Difference

For those who live near the coastal region, skimboarding is one of the best ways to enjoy a quality and thrilling time with friends. The most common question is, what do you put on the bottom of a skimboard?

This blog will guide you on the right track if you want to skimboard faster than all of your friends.

Skimboarders need to wax both sides of their boards. If you want to make your skimboard slicker, you can use speed wax on the bottom of it. Those will make the bottom of your skimboard more slippery. Thus, it will help to speed up the ride.

Of course, a rider has to be aware of the significant difference that the bottom waxing of the skimboards makes.

To help skimboarders make their journey more thrilling, I will briefly discuss it in detail in this article!

So, let’s get right into it!

Man walking with skimboard at sunset to go rewax his board for the next day

What Is Skimboarding?

For those who do not know about skimboarding, it’s a sport where you can slide on the water’s surface and ride it back to shore, meeting an incoming breaking wave.

It is the hardest of all water sports. A skimboard is a wooden surface rider used for floating on the tide.

Buying the perfect skimboard is not very simple. There is not so much variation in shape. But you need to choose the right size according to your weight. The size can also vary based on riding style and ability.

There is a lot to know about skimboards if you are a rider, including how to wax them properly. Or perhaps the problems you will face if you choose to ignore them.

I will briefly explain the whole process as simple as possible. 

Why Wax The Bottom Of A Skimboard?

We all know that waxing the top of a board is a necessity. But there remains a debate on waxing the bottom of the board.

Will it make any noticeable difference in your riding experience? Is it worth spending so much money and effort?

First, you should know that very few feel the necessity of waxing the bottom of their skimboards. Only pro riders can take advantage of bottom waxing. So, if you are a professional rider, this article is for you.

Waxing the bottom will make it slippery and improve the ride over wet and dry sand and water.

Hence, you can catch the wave easily. And I must say, this will be very helpful for expert riders.

The benefits of waxing the bottom of the board are insignificant for amateur sprinters. Thus, those who skimboard just as an amusement won’t care to do that. 

What To Put On The Bottom Of A Skimboard?

Now you know the necessity of waxing the base of your board. But understanding the elements used to wax the board is essential.

Below, I will explain everything regarding the necessary components for waxing the bottom of a skimboard.

In the market, you will find different types of resin. Knowing the perfect one for your skimboard is very critical. If you use surf wax on the bottom, it will make your board sticky.

This type of wax is generally used on the lid of skimboards. If you use it on the bottom, you may lose speed instead of gaining it. So you need to know which type is used on which side.

You would like to make your ride faster. So use the correct wax to make your board’s backside slippery.

“Speed Wax” will help you to do that.

There are different types of Speed Wax in the market; here are the names of the three best speed wax options:

  • ZUMWax
  • Eelsnot
  • Car wax

ZUMWax Surfing and Skimboard Ultra Performance Speed Wax

If you want to speed up your skimboard, this is one of the best options. High fluoro nanotechnology is used to provide incredible speed; check out ZUMWax here.

There is an essential aspect of this speed wax that makes it unique. It is environmentally friendly.

The best part is that it has an applicator pad. So you don’t need any microfiber cloth to apply the wax to the board.

Although it is pretty expensive, I recommend checking it out at least once if you are interested in purchasing speed wax.


It will make the bottom of your board extra slick. The best part is that it’s also non-toxic and eco-friendly; check them out on their website here.

But you are not getting any applicator pads here. You need to arrange two microfibre clothes.

However, this is for you if you want a budget-friendly speed wax. It is one of the most affordable of all the options.

Car wax

Most car waxes with a hydrophobic nature can also be used as speed waxes for skimboards. If you do not have the time to buy any speed wax, don’t worry!

You can simply use your car wax as speed wax on the bottom of your skimboard.

There is no need for rubbing or anything else. Just spray it on your board, rinse it off, and then dry it.

Finally, your board is ready for your ride.

How To Wax The Bottom Of A Skimboard?

The process is not that hard. Anyone with a few necessary tools can easily do it.

You only need to follow a few steps. I will explain them briefly below.

  • Get some speed wax.
  • You need two microfibre clothes. One is to put wax on it and the other for finishing.
  • Put the wax on the cloth and keep moving it circularly on the board. The first coat will leave a haze.
  • Then take the second cloth and give it a good finishing by moving it in a significant circular motion. This will provide a smooth shine to the bottom of your board.

This whole process will take only 5-10 min. So why not make your board fast by giving it a few minutes on it?

Effect On The Environment

If you are wary about the environmental impacts of waxing the bottom of your board, this article may be helpful to you in making your decision. But again, the decision is totally up to you.

We all know that high-performance waxes are made from chemicals that are not ideal for sea life.

The wax will come off over time when you ride your board on the ocean’s surface water. So obviously, waxing the bottom of your board could hurt the environment. 

Where Would You Put Wax On A Skimboard?

You can do it on both sides if you want. But waxing the top of a board is a must-do. It will make your board sticky and help you not slip off. 

Waxing the bottom of your skimboard is not an essential thing to do. But it could theoretically enhance the board’s speed and smoothness as it glides on the water surface.

So, if you are a pro skimboarder, maybe waxing your board would be a good idea.

Final Thoughts on Waxing The Bottom Of Your Skimboard

You now know what you put on the bottom of a skimboard to enhance your skimboarding experience.

But indeed, it’s not a have-to-do thing. But it does have an effect that might be worthwhile for pro skimboarders looking to edge out their ride. 

Nevertheless, some may want to do that to make their ride more exhilarating and adventurous.

You can use any Speed Wax, such as ZUMWax, Eelsnot, or Car Wax which will help speed up your ride. Thanks for reading till the end. Happy skimboarding!