Water Diversions

Getting Outside To Enjoy Water Sports, Hobbies, and Just Have Fun!

Water Diversions

Getting Outside To Enjoy Water Sports, Hobbies, and Just Have Fun!

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  • Woman paddleboarding on the ocean with a Bote and Body Glove logo superimposed

    Bote Vs Body Glove: How To Choose A Paddle Board To Buy

    If you’re looking for a quality paddle board, choosing the right one is essential, which means knowing what is vital to look for. In this article, I’ll compare and contrast the two most popular paddle boards – the Bote vs Body Glove SUP. Both boards boast tons of unique features and have something to offer […] More

  • Woman paddleboarding on the ocean with a Bote and ISLE logo superimposed

    Bote Vs ISLE: How To Choose Which Paddle Board To Buy

    The paddleboarding market is full of options, making it tough to decide which is right for you. Regarding paddleboards, two brands stand out: Bote and Isle. Both brands offer high-quality paddle boards that are perfect for various activities. So, how do you choose which paddle board to buy? Bote vs isle paddle board? Bote paddle […] More

  • Man paddleboarding on the ocean with a Bote and iRocker SUPs logo superimposed

    Bote Vs iRocker: How To Choose Which Paddle Board To Buy

    With many options available on the market, choosing the best paddle board may seem difficult. Numerous paddleboard brands are out there, and they differ in terms of price and quality. The Bote and iRocker are both great paddle board brands, but if you choose between the Bote vs iRocker, which one should you choose? Bote […] More

  • Man on a wooden skimboard near shore

    Skimboard Beginners Guide: How To Correctly Size Your Board

    Skimboarding is a fun water sport activity. However, choosing the right skimboard can be a bit difficult if you happen to be a beginner. The most important aspect of a skimboard is its size. It’s very easy to mess up your purchase by getting the wrong-sized skimboard. Thus, choosing the right size is the most […] More

  • Man walking with skimboard at sunset to go rewax his board for the next day

    Skimboarding: Why Waxing the Bottom Makes a Huge Difference

    For those who live near the coastal region, skimboarding is one of the best ways to enjoy a quality and thrilling time with friends. The most common question is, what do you put on the bottom of a skimboard? This blog will guide you on the right track if you want to skimboard faster than […] More

  • Man and Woman carrying skimboards on the beach at sunset

    Skimboarding: What Is This Insane Water Skating Sport?

    Skimboarding is a unique water-based sport that has become increasingly popular recently. It was first developed for training purposes but has since grown into an alternative to surfing, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. But what is skimboarding? Skimboarding is a water-skiing sport. It typically consists of one person standing on the deck of a skimboard and balancing […] More

  • Man running with a skimboard about to launch

    Skimboarding: How Exactly Does It Skate On The Water?

    If you are planning an adventurous holiday, skimboarding is a must-have activity on your list. Skimboarding can bring a new spark of excitement to your next tour. For beginner skimboarding, a common question is how does a skimboard work? Knowing the science behind skimboarding can accelerate your learning and interest in the sport. A skimboard […] More

  • Using skimboards for sun protection on the beach

    Skimboards: Board Lifespans and 5 Tips To Last Longer

    Water sports are a great way to have fun at the beach. Skimming is excellent as long as you have a properly functioning and pleasing skimboard. But if it is on the verge of expiring, it may show you signs to let you know that it won’t be fit for use any longer. So, how […] More

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