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  • Group of people river rafting in very rough water with life preservers and safety helmets

    5 Benefits From Water Sports Activities And Being Outside

    With summer around the corner, you may wonder about doing some of the best water activities. You may also find yourself wondering about what are the benefits of water sports. Therefore, water sports seem to have more physical and mental health benefits than one may think. Several benefits can come from water sports activities. Water sports […] More

  • mother and daughter on a boat getting life jacket on - can you learn to swim with a life jacket

    Is It Possible To Learn To Swim Using A Life Jacket Or PFD?

    Learning to swim is a skill that everyone should have, yet surprisingly many people do not. You may be wondering if you can learn how to swim while you are wearing a life jacket or other personal floatation device. Learning the proper way to swim can not only save your life but add a lot […] More

  • Diving Accidents: The Dangers of Ascending Too Fast

    Type the word diving on google, and you will millions of articles on this subject. Diving has become so popular within the last decades, and there are more than a million divers spread worldwide. We have divers who dive for hunting; others do so for research, and some for the exploitation of resources at the […] More

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    Is it Safe to Swim after Nose Piercing?

    Many people wonder if it is safe to swim after a nose piercing. There are many factors that come into play with this, including the type of nose ring you have and how long it has been since your piercing. This article will go over these considerations in more detail, as well as what can […] More

  • Wetsuits (One Size or Can They Be Altered?)

    Many people enjoy wearing wetsuits when they go swimming. They can be a fun and stylish way to stay warm in the water, but sometimes we want something different than what is available at our local stores. This blog post talks about whether or not someone could alter their own wetsuit at home in order […] More

  • Are Wet Suits Made from Latex or Contain Latex?

    Many people are concerned about whether or not their wetsuits contain latex. This is understandable, as there has been a lot of misinformation spread around the internet concerning this issue. In addition to that, many individuals have an allergy to latex which makes it difficult for them to swim in these suits without experiencing discomfort […] More

  • Beach rashguard bikini woman wearing swim shirt rash guard for sun protection against solar uv rays and surf rash symptoms


    Wetsuit Irritation: Symptoms and Causes of Rash

    If you have been wearing a wetsuit for a while and experience redness, itching, or irritation on the skin then you may be suffering from a rash. This can happen if your wetsuit is not of high quality and has chemicals in it that irritate your skin. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms […] More

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