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  • Can Bodyboarding Build Better Overall Fitness?

    The sport bodyboarding contains the word “body”; therefore, it’s a safe assumption to correlate the two, meaning physical fitness is a dominant aspect of the sport, however to what extent? Yes! Bodyboarding can help you build better fitness! Kicking with fins and paddling with your arms creates lean muscle while also providing a good cardio […] More

  • Proper Care for a Bodyboard [Can Wax Extend Life]

    Gaining speed when riding a massive wave might feel fantastic. Still, when your board is slippery, this might not sound appealing at all. Imagine yourself riding this incredible wave, gaining wild speed, to suddenly fall off the bodyboard like sliding down the fastest slide at a waterpark. This is when you start asking yourself, “am […] More

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    Sizing Your Bodyboard [Does Height or Weight Matter]

    Suppose you are enthusiastic about bodyboarding, or you are just new to this sport. In that case, you may have noticed many bodyboard options out there. Here we will provide you information that can help to find the right bodyboard for you. To pick the right bodyboard, place the board standing on the floor; if […] More

  • Finding Your Tide [ When is Perfect for Bodyboarding? ]

    The sea levels rise and fall throughout the day and seasons. Sometimes you see surf waves. You may sometimes see the sea is calmed and there are only swell waves. In this article, you will learn which are the best waves for bodyboarding. It is better to bodyboard on low tides than on high tides. […] More

  • Bodyboard Surfing [ Can You Ride A Board Standing? ]

    We often describe bodyboarding as a less complicated alternative to surfing. The main difference is that bodyboarding is that we can ride the board horizontally to surf the waves. We must glue the torso to the board, hence the name bodyboard, although this is not always the case. There are other bodyboarding techniques, and in […] More

  • Do You Need A Wetsuit To Bodyboard?

    Many people seem to be intimidated about getting a wetsuit for bodyboarding. Are you searching for answers as to whether you need a wetsuit or not? When bodyboarding, one of the most important rules is to have complete equipment. So you need a wetsuit. Choose your wetsuit based on the warmth of the water. For […] More

  • Wave Safety: Is Bodyboarding Much Safer Than Surfing?

    Bodyboarding and surfing are probably two of the most popular sports for riding waves. There has been a feud between these two sports for years, with much debating. Both activities use boards, but which one is safer than the other?  Bodyboarding is safer than surfing because its difficulty level is lower. When bodyboarding, you can […] More

  • Can You Bodyboard Small Waves?

    You may be wondering if you can bodyboard small waves. Have you ever wondered if doing this activity is safe? If you are curious about the answers to these questions, here you will find them. Yes, you can bodyboard small waves. In theory, bodyboarders can ride small, medium, or big waves; it does not matter. […] More

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