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  • Jet Ski Dangers: Watercraft Explosion Accident & Injury

    Jet Skis are great recreational watercraft for an exciting and high-spirited adventure. These personal watercraft come with a variety of safety features. Yet, a safe joyride can become dangerous in the blink of an eye. When you are sitting on such powerful, intense, and vigorous machines, it is natural to ask – do jet skis […] More

  • Flipped Jet Ski: How to Right a PWC and Check for Damage

    A flipped jet ski is like a nightmare for adventurers. It can be a big concern if you do not know how to flip a jet ski back over. So, I always recommend that you learn to turn over a flipped PWC before getting it into the water. You must ask yourself first, how do […] More

  • Flushing Your Jet Ski: Why You Don’t Skip Maintenance

    You can have the time of your life for an entire summer by riding the waves in the open sea! But owning a jet ski is not all fun and games. There are some serious responsibilities involved when it comes to the proper maintenance of the vehicle.  A lot can happen if you skip maintenance […] More

  • Riding in Rain: How to Enjoy Jet Skiing in Ugly Weather

    Jet skiing can be quite fun on a hot and sunny day. However, can the same be said, perhaps, for rain? Questions like, can you Jet Ski in the rain surface on the internet a lot from time to time? However, not everyone has adequate knowledge of how to manage jet skiing in unexpected weather […] More

  • Jet Ski Maintenance: Hidden Costs to Owning Your Jet Ski

    Perhaps you are thinking of buying a Jet Ski but are unsure of what you are signing up for. When buying any vehicle, you need to consider more than just the price but also the after-purchase costs, such as spending on maintenance. And on fuel as well. So, the main question you should be asking […] More

  • Jet Ski Control Issues: Common Symptoms of Porpoising

    One of the most rewarding experiences is riding your Jet Ski and cruising through the sea. However, there are a number of issues that could hinder your thrilling adventure, and porpoising is one of them. There are several symptoms and causes of porpoising. Porpoising occurs when the weight of your watercraft is disproportionately distributed between […] More

  • Salt Water Jet Skiing: Is It Bad For Your PWC Over Time?

    Be it in freshwater or saltwater, jet-skiing is always fun. But after frequently riding your PWC in salt water, you must have experienced a deterioration in performance from the watercraft. It must have left you wondering, is riding on saltwater bad for jet skis? Saltwater is bad for your jet ski because it causes rust […] More

  • Jet Ski Oil (Difference in 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke)

    Confusion regarding which Jet Ski Oil to choose can be quite a bummer. However, knowing the engine type of your Jet Ski makes the job easier. Jet Ski Oils should be chosen depending on the type of engine of the Jet Ski. To make this job easier and to help my audience get a better grasp on […] More

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