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  • Woman paddleboarding on the ocean with a Bote and Body Glove logo superimposed

    Bote Vs Body Glove: How To Choose A Paddle Board To Buy

    If you’re looking for a quality paddle board, choosing the right one is essential, which means knowing what is vital to look for. In this article, I’ll compare and contrast the two most popular paddle boards – the Bote vs Body Glove SUP. Both boards boast tons of unique features and have something to offer […] More

  • Woman paddleboarding on the ocean with a Bote and ISLE logo superimposed

    Bote Vs ISLE: How To Choose Which Paddle Board To Buy

    The paddleboarding market is full of options, making it tough to decide which is right for you. Regarding paddleboards, two brands stand out: Bote and Isle. Both brands offer high-quality paddle boards that are perfect for various activities. So, how do you choose which paddle board to buy? Bote vs isle paddle board? Bote paddle […] More

  • Man paddleboarding on the ocean with a Bote and iRocker SUPs logo superimposed

    Bote Vs iRocker: How To Choose Which Paddle Board To Buy

    With many options available on the market, choosing the best paddle board may seem difficult. Numerous paddleboard brands are out there, and they differ in terms of price and quality. The Bote and iRocker are both great paddle board brands, but if you choose between the Bote vs iRocker, which one should you choose? Bote […] More

  • paddle board fins exposed on a paddle board on the sand upside down

    Paddle Board Fins Ultimate Guide [ Types, Install & Purpose ]

    Paddleboarding is a lot of fun and one of those activities that can be an amazing pastime. Not everyone loves paddleboarding, but generally, you will find it very interesting, enjoyable, and immersive. With that in mind, it’s always a very good idea to figure out what paddle board fins you want to use. The role […] More

  • Inflating Paddle Boards: How To Know When Full?

    The inflatable paddle board industry is rapidly expanding, and boards are becoming more solid, resilient, rigid, and stable than ever before.  Inflatable stand-up paddleboards are a lot of fun to use and are very easy to transport store, and travel with. It is critical to inflate your board to the proper PSI to get the […] More

  • What are Soft Top Paddle Boards and Why Choose It?

    Stand-up paddleboarding is becoming increasingly popular around the world. This sport is played on paddleboards. The sport is a cross between canoeing and surfing and can be done in almost any large body of water.  Soft top paddle boards are convenient and simple to use for beginners. However, if you’re wondering what soft top paddle […] More

  • Paddle Board Deals: When Do They Go On Sale?

    It’s common knowledge that you can get a paddleboard for a reasonable price. While there are low-cost paddle boards available, their quality may be subpar. That is why many people prefer the more expensive ones because they value quality. On the other hand, high-quality paddleboards do not have to cost thousands of dollars. You can […] More

  • SUP Management: How to Manages Scratches and Repairs

    If you use an item of outdoor sports equipment frequently, it may develop scratches, scuffs, and gouges.  All boards are susceptible to being dented or damaged. It’s nearly a certainty that the board will get a ding over its lifetime. If your board has been penetrated through the exterior epoxy/glassing skin, you must have it […] More

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